Classes you can enjoy at home

There are MANY offerings. Please scroll down and make sure to select the right one. 

Live Classes Via Zoom

Tuesday Night Vinyasa or Sunday Morning Class via zoom–individual class

Once you make payment, if you are not already on the email list with the Zoom link, the link will be emailed to you. Vigorous, flowing practice runs 6-7 p.m. every Tuesday. Perfect Sunday Morning class, a little of everything, 9-10 a.m.


Friday Restorative/Yin Practice

Friday January 15, 5:30-6:30 p.m.


Package of 8 classes for Tuesday Night Class or Perfect Sunday Morning Class

Pay in advanced. Expires in 6 months. Come any Tuesday or Sunday. Sunday series is Hip and Heart for January and February.


Classes to Purchase, download and practice

Vinyasa to Heal and Strengthen the Back

Poses to ease and open the back, back-bending to strengthen the back, and poses for the core, all in a flowing sequence with a restorative end.


60 Minute Hip-Opening Vinyasa Class

Perfect for that pain in your butt! This flowing practice is full of sun salutes, hip releases, a fun balance practice and a deep relaxation. You will have fun, too.


Meditative Flow

60 minute grounding, awakening vinyasa to download and keep. If you don’t have a waiver on file with me, you will need to fill one out before receiving the class.


60 Minute Flowing Practice

Complete full-body energetic practice for those who have practiced before. If you don’t have a waiver on file with me, I’ll send you one on purchase.


60-minute Heart-Opening Vinyasa

Have fun in this uplifting, flowing practice packed with chest expanding postures!


Mellow Energy Balancing Vinyasa

Come back into a place of balance with a practice designed to help you find center between your moon and sun energies–active and receptive, that is!


30 Minute Chair Yoga Practice

30 minute chair practice designed for all to use. If you don’t have a waiver on file with me, you’ll fill one out before you begin.


60-Minute Moderate Vinyasa

Enjoy a complete practice moving at a moderate pace through a series of poses, working with sun salutations and then spending some good time on the floor!



Tuesday Night Vinyasa LIVE! Audio Class

75 minutes flowing practice. Don’t turn it off during the relaxation! The class closes with a brief centering. Students need to have a waiver on file with me. If you do not, one will be sent to you as soon as you purchase the Audio and you will need to email or text it before receiving the class. Music: from Ocean of the Heart: Shri Ram Jaya Ram by Todd Norian,


Complete Yoga Practice: poses, meditation and relaxation

Receive three 30-minute posture practices, 3 guided mediations and 2 deep relaxations. A special pandemic price for the complete package! If you do not have a waiver on file with me, you’ll be sent one and will need to sign before receiving your classes.



Two Deep Relaxation Practices

Lie down, let go and enjoy a state of suspended release in the practice of deep relaxation or yoga Nidra, yogic sleep. Each 15 minute audio will bring into a place of letting go and finding your inner calm.



Three Guided Meditations

Each ten minute meditation will leave you calmer and more centered. You can easily practice these in any pocket of time you have and no experience is necessary.



Three 30-minute posture practices

Just the right amount of time! A full mini-class in thirty minutes including seated and standing poses as well as a short relaxation. A special price during our challenging time of being at home.