Classes you can enjoy at home

Practice anytime, practice all the time! 

Wonderful yogis, we’ve moved into a period of time with life shifting to the virtual realm. Know I am with you whenever you practice. There are many choices so read down through the whole page. Once you make your purchase, expect an email with the link (and to sign a waiver if you haven’t already). You’ll be able to download and keep each of the practices with the exception of the LIVE ZOOM classes which are, of course, live!

LIVE Zoom Class Tuesday or Thursday

Join in an energetic and efficient 60 minute vinyasa class and see your yoga friends and feel better about everything! Tuesdays, 6-7 p.m. by zoom invitation. AND/OR purchase class for Thursdays, 4-5 p.m., gentle flowing practice, to feel awake, rested and centered, by zoom invitation. Send an email if you haven’t received the invite.



This 30 minute accessible-to-all practice is for inspiration, grounding, connection and joy. This is a free event. If you’d like to make a donation, you can do so. Some Sundays from 11-11:30 a.m. EST.

Yoga Church Donation


60 Minute Flowing Practice

This is a full-body, complete practice recorded during a Zoom class. On the more vigorous side and for yoginis who have practiced before. 

60 Minute Flowing Practice

Complete full-body energetic practice for those who have practiced before. Purchase, download and have fun! If you don't have a waiver on file with me, I'll send you one on purchase.


Heart-Opening Vinyasa Class, 60 minutes

Join in this recording of a Zoom Tuesday night class with postures to open and expand the chest, release shoulder and neck tension and by having fun, let go of the stresses of your day! A complete class including relaxation.

60-minute Heart-Opening Vinyasa

Have fun in this uplifting, flowing practice packed with chest expanding postures!



30-Minute Chair Yoga Class

This is a practice for everyone! Enjoy gentle stretches and a movement through a series of poses to open the whole body. Practice as a break during your work time at the computer, or enjoy first thing in the morning or before bed. Designed to both enliven and calm, this all level practice is the perfect antidote for our “at-home” times.


30 Minute Chair Yoga Practice

Receive a 30 minute chair practice in your email that you can download and practice as much as you like! If you don't have a waiver on file with me, you'll fill one out before you begin.


60-Minute Moderate Vinyasa

This is the first of the new offerings, recorded live for a few devoted students joining in virtually. You’ll move through a strong standing series, some seated postures, and a complete savasana. It’s a well-rounded practice for all the parts: body, mind, heart and spirit. 


60-Minute Moderate Vinyasa

Enjoy a complete practice moving at a moderate pace through a series of poses, working with sun salutations and then spending some good time on the floor!


Tuesday night vinyasa LIVE!


Now you can join the wonderful circle of yoginis that practices every Tuesday night in this live audio recording of the class. A full 75 minute practice that will get you breathing and moving and totally alive with a complete relaxation at the end. 

This class is FUN! I even sing in it…it’s full of uplifting stories as well as uplifting postures. If you can’t be with us on a Tuesday night, this is the next best thing. The class is taught to the luminous music of Todd Norian: from Ocean of the Heart: Shri Ram Jaya Ram by Todd Norian,


Tuesday Night Vinyasa LIVE! Audio Class

75 minutes flowing practice. Don’t turn it off during the relaxation! The class closes with a brief centering. Students need to have a waiver on file with me. If you do not, one will be sent to you as soon as you purchase the Audio and you will need to email or text it before receiving the class. Music: from Ocean of the Heart: Shri Ram Jaya Ram by Todd Norian,



Posture practice, meditation and relaxation as you like it!

Three unique 30-minute posture practices to use at home, each including standing and sitting postures and a short relaxation. They are moderately paced and made for all levels of student with classroom experience in yoga. 

You an also receive, either separately or in addition, three mediation practices each 10 minutes long. These bite-sized meditations will soothe, calm and center you. Use them throughout the day to ground yourself. Because of their length you can do them any time and you do not need experience meditating to follow along.

What about getting even more relaxed? There are 2 deep relaxations available, each 15 minutes long, for a more complete experience of letting go. These guided relaxations bring you into a state of yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep, to repair and heal the body, mind and heart. Wonderful to listen to right before sleep. You will need to lie down to enjoy them!

Want all of them?

Want only some?

You can purchase all 8 classes, only the postures, only the relaxations, or only the meditations or any combination! Choose what works best for you and allow yoga to work its magic, offering a space of peace, health, vitality and de-stressing. Once you purchase the classes and complete a waiver, a link will be emailed to you and you can then download and practice!


All 8 class practices

Receive three 30-minute posture practices, 3 guided mediations and 2 deep relaxations. A special price for the complete package during this challenging time. If you do not have a waiver on file with me, you’ll be sent one and will need to sign before receiving your classes.



Two Deep Relaxation Practices

Lie down, let go and enjoy a state of suspended release in the practice of deep relaxation or yoga Nidra, yogic sleep. Each 15 minute audio will bring into a place of letting go and finding your inner calm.



Three Guided Meditations

Each ten minute meditation will leave you calmer and more centered. You can easily practice these in any pocket of time you have and no experience is necessary.



Three 30-minute posture practices

Just the right amount of time! A full mini-class in thirty minutes including seated and standing poses as well as a short relaxation. A special price during our challenging time of being at home.