Yoga for Whole Health

Here is the perfect series of classes for you, delivered to your inbox. Yoga is transformative. My teacher gave me tools in yoga that have changed my life and as a teacher I have that opportunity in every class I teach. Thanks to modern technology I can reach into the lives of my students who have moved away and connect with new students all over the world. This practice is for body, mind and soul and students say it gives them the chance to anchor into peace no matter where they are.

Practice anytime, practice all the time! Posture practice, meditation and relaxation, coming in accessible and do-able amounts. It’s an 8-week series of classes designed to support you in genuinely feeling better in every way.

Whole Health means: this is yoga for your body, to stay flexible and strong; it’s yoga for your mind, to de-stress, get clear, find energy; and yoga for your spirit, to relax, reset, and find the deep, rejuvenating rest you crave. An47578540_324452464819879_527919607449649152_od yoga for your heart, always! Every part I send will come with my love, support and encouragement.

  • go at your own pace
  • practice whenever you have time
  • receive a different part of the practice each week
  • download and keep each part of the class
  • The classes will include all of my special touches, heart-felt insights, and unique meditation audios that are really a combination of meditation, affirmation, visualization and upliftment practice

Each week you will receive NEW material. Your class, audio or relaxation will be yours to keep and download (but please no sharing. It’s only for you!). You will be encouraged to use that week’s practice during that week; you’ll also be able to use the class or practice multiple times during the week if your schedule allows. However, because you get to keep each week’s practice, you don’t need to feel rushed or hurried.

What You Will Receive:

Week 1: 30 minute yoga class (video), a vigorous practice

Week 2: 10 minute meditation/affirmation/visualization/upliftment practice (audio) (you will want to listen to this over and over again! It will make your day and you can download it and play it whenever you have 10 minutes)

Week 3: 15 minute deep relaxation. This is super-savasana! A total relaxation experience. You’ll be guided to let go and restore your body, mind and heart.

Week 4: 30 minute yoga class, a vigorous practice

Week 5: 10 minute audio guided meditation/visualization/affirmation/upliftment

Week 6: 15 minute deep relaxation

Week 7: 30 minute practice, vigorous

Week 8: your ten minute ultimate restoration meditation audio.

Class Tuition $50 *Special* for 1st 10 people to sign up for spring session

Yoga For Total Health 8-Class Series

Receive 8-weeks of classes, meditations and relaxations, one each week. Or GIFT someone with the live-changing gift of yoga. You must submit a signed waiver (via email) if one is not already on file. Look for the waiver after signing up! Regular series is $80.