Classes and workshops

Women’s March Solidarity Vinyasa

January 18, 9-10:15 a.m.

In solidarity with the Women’s March, lend your power, energy, strength and purpose to those marching and to the cause of liberating all of humanity with a badass flowing yoga class for my truly badass yogis.

Remember: you raise your own Shakti so you can use it

If you can’t make the national march and before the Pioneer Valley Women’s March (in Springfield at noon) come and be in solidarity by having a powerful practice. We’ll be in community with one another and send our energy out for the good of all.

“A movement is much more than a march. A movement is that different space between our reality and our vision. Our liberation depends on all of us.” – Janet Mock

Morning Vinyasa Class

A 75 minute flowing vinyasa practice in solidarity with the women’s march. 9-10:15 a.m., January 18 at East Street Yoga Center.


Youth Yoga Classes

Yoga is the perfect form of activity for kids as it’s naturally playful, the methods of learning relaxation happen easily (no lecturing necessary!), it’s all hands on, and it’s athletic and strength-based, increases flexibility and improves concentration as well as teaches the kinds of breath practice that keep us focused and healthy!

Look for a new session to begin this winter in January. Children from anywhere in the Valley are welcome to attend. These classes are intended to be athletic, imagechallenging, fun, de-stressing and will equip kids with all the basic of mindfulness practice. Yoga for kids helps: focus, sleep, anxiety, energy level, relaxation, building community, mindfulness and overall health.The session is progressive and kids will receive a YYT (youth yoga training) Level 1 certificate at the end of the series.

8-week Vinyasa Class

Tuesday evenings, 6:15-7:30 p.m.

Come delight in the power, freedom and healing power of moving in a flowing practice. This is a level I/II class which means this can be your very first class ever or you could have years of experience and you will still benefit. The vinyasa practice uses internal heat (the room is average temperature), movement and meditation on breath followed by relaxation to HEAL the body, still the mind and open the heart. And it really works!

I have been teaching the vinyasa style for about twenty years–since long before it was popular. Over the years I have continued my own practice, studied with leading teachers, and learned by practice, intuition and experimentation. When you come for the series you can feel confident you are working with someone who has used and benefited from this practice for decades.

This series will be playful, strong, relaxing and grounded in the latest research about yoga postures. I’m always glad when research confirms what I knew all along! Happily, the latest research does not say there is ONE way or ONE method that makes a pose right.  We have to work with the body we have and each body is different. As yoga expert and author Bernie Clark writes, “You are unique–so is your yoga.” I am a teacher and this is a class where finding that unique expression is the intention–and it is one that will make your body healthier and stronger.

8-week vinyasa class series

A playful, energizing and relaxing series. When you pay for the series, each class is $13.50, making it one of the most affordable classes in the Valley. Cash/check payments in person, $108. Online payment is $110.


Drop-In for An Udderly Divine Classcow

Tuesday Nights

This is the vinyasa class as described above. It’s vigorous, playful, warming, healing, strong, creative in the vinyasa (or flowing) style with lots of heart and humor. Beginners to advanced students can benefit from the practice.

6:15pm – 7:30pm

Thursday Mornings

A gentle, flowing practice, patient, healing, multi-level class. A delightful way to start the day. Beginners are welcome. We’ll move through a slower paced vinyasa and restorative poses often show up towards the end of practice.

9:30-10:30 a.m.

Drop-In Tuition for either class

If you want to register early for this class or prefer to pay with another method than check or cash, pay here and then come and have some yoga! Drop in with cash/check is $15.



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