Yoga is good for everyone

And it’s my mission to share the real yoga–the yoga that heals, that helps, that calms, that strengthens, that empowers, that transforms–with real people.

Over two decades I’ve taught thousands of classes to hundreds and hundreds of different people. I’ve had a personal practice of yoga for about 35 years, attended multiple trainings in different styles of yoga and am a certified Kripalu Yoga teacher. I graduated from Concord Academy, Smith College, Yale Divinity School, and The New Seminary, hold a master’s degree in religion, and was ordained in 2001.

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What that means is that every class I teach I teach out of my long history of being a practitioner and a teacher. What I offer comes from decades of experimentation, education and living practice. Yoga has transformed my life and the lives of my students. That’s why I teach it.

I’ve never met a person who couldn’t benefit from a yoga practice, even though there are lots of people who don’t feel like they can “do” yoga. But in order to do yoga, you don’t have to wear special clothes. You don’t need a yoga mat. You don’t need any amount of flexibility. You don’t have to be strong. You don’t have to be evolved.

You don’t have to be nice. You don’t have to be spiritual.

Here’s what you need for a good yoga practice: you have to be breathing.

What I teach are playful, healing, practical, fun, helpful, down-to-earth classes, workshops, retreats and seminars for ordinary people. I use the tools of yoga to help myself and others feel more whole, more alive, healthier and better in all kinds of ways. freedom in yoga sam (4)

Here are some of the people I’ve taught over the past twenty years: Alzheimers patients, varsity football players, homeschool children, ski instructors, seniors, babies, varsity lacrosse players, Channing Bete employees, teachers, professors, movie stars (well, only one), professional athletes, mothers, robbers, misfits, hotel employees, lawyers, doctors, doulas, college students, high school students, accountants, woodland elves, my own children, and the rare cow.

Here’s what yoga gives: a respite from our busy lives, more physical health, a time to de-stress, a practice of mindfulness, easing of physical aches and pains, a calmer mind, a stronger body, a really good nap and world peace. Or, anyway, a glimpse of it.sam2

I offer regular weekly classes, monthly workshops and private instruction to individuals and groups. I mentor yoga teachers, mothers and spiritual seekers, offer an online series of classes and seek to be in service to each of my students in every way I can be. I look forward to being with you in yoga! Jai Bhagwan (I honor the light in you.) –Sam

Of all the yoga teachers I’ve had, Sam is by far the most special and unique teacher of all. She has an amazing way with words that tells you exactly what to do with your body. Every class is a joy. I have loved every single class I have ever attended with her and none has ever been the same, which is just amazing to me that she always finds something new to share with her students. I have always been amazed at how she can teach beginners and yoga instructors in the same space, elevating the experience for all. Her classes have made me laugh, cry, and gain a sense of serenity that is difficult to ever find in every day life. Sam has truly enriched my life beyond measure. She will always be with me.

“every class is a joy”

I loved Sam’s yoga classes and only wish our schedules meshed so I could continue studying yoga with her. I’ve enjoyed her style of yoga – combining spirituality with breathing and physical poses. Classes were very calming and helped with my physical and mental balance and flexibility. She has been a unique and wonderful teacher with her caring, encouraging, and humorous style – always accepting the limitations of her students.   S

“unique and wonderful”